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We conceive idea and move forward

About Us

Cygnicode Venture is an information technology field company which focusing on developing variety of IT software products. Product covering web portal, web-based application, mobile apps and hardware maintenance. Cygnicode based is located in Penang currently. Moreover, Cygnicode is initially providing web design solutions. Now we have expanded our capabilities to include other software design and solutions to small enterprise, offices, school and end user. As a matter of fact, we keep innovating and creating the best solution possible in the market especially for the end user. We conceive idea and move forward.

Our Vision

To be innovative and creative in the products and services.

Our Services

We develop a successful and creative brand or products in the market

Digital Advertisement

Digital Advertisement is a rich media display ads and deliver through Internet.


Mobile Apps is a program that run in smart phone and tablet.


Web-based System is a client-based application that run through web browser.

Computer Hardware Maintenance

Computer maintenance is the practice of troubleshoot and servicing the computers.


To help customers build virtual image and promoting products and services.
To build better relationship trust between customer and partner base.
Develop a successful and creative brand or products in the market.

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